90 Day Challenge (Day 4 of 90)

Today was my fourth day of my 90 day challenge. Today’s workout was called The Challenge, pretty much you do 6 sets of pull-ups and push-ups. To put that in perspective–its hard to straiten my arms all the way afterwords.  Posts on P90X3 coming soon…

Those of you who follow my blog, I have a question. According to my workout schedule, on the 7th day (Wednesday) I can either take a rest day or I can do an alternate workout. What do you think, rest or workout? Post in the comments bellow…

I stayed under my calorie goal (1500 cal). I’d like to point out that my meals were a little bit backwards today. My heaviest meal (the meal with the most calories) was dinner. Calories give you energy and you don’t need a lot energy to sleep. It’s always better to eat a larger meal at breakfast to give you energy for the day and eat a smaller meal at dinner. Not having all that food in my belly when I went to bed has helped me lose 35 pounds!! Check out what Water For Health has to say about eating late at night.

My meals today included 3 homemade meals:Avacado Toast

  • Breakfast: I ate a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese in between an english muffin, to drink I had an americano (coffee with no sugar or cream) (340 cal).
  • Lunch: My awesome wife, Tyler, made avocado toast with sourdough bread (400 cal).
  • Dinner: I enjoyed baked swordfish and shrimp with zucchini and assorted tropical fruit (500 cal).
  • Snacks: (cal)


  • Calories: 1,240 cal
  • Carbs: 132 g
  • Fat: 69 g
  • Protein: 94 g
  • Sugars: 56 g
  • Water: 7.5 cups


  • Calories Burned: 782
  • Exercise: 62 Minutes
  • Steps: 6,027 Steps and 2.87 Miles

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